Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun Visit with My Uncle

My family really enjoyed the visit from my uncle, Tony, and my Dad, last weekend. Tony lives in Maryland and tho he visits my parents once or twice per year, this was his first visit with us up here to NH.

We had a fun and full day, showing him the house (in all it's under-construction glory) and property. Then after lunch, we took a drive over to my pastor's house to walk thru his garage. Pastor Larry has been collecting and restoring classic motorcycles for quite some time and I knew he had several British bikes that my uncle, who is also restorer, would appreciate. It was fun seeing his excitement (did you know there were only 900 of those made that year?!?). After spending a good half-hour drooling over all 25-plus bikes (half-dozen Brits, a couple Italians and Germans, several Jap bikes and at least seven Harleys) crammed into the garage, my dad and Tony visited with Pastor Larry's in-laws who are visiting from Mexico.

While that was going on, Nick & Gabe each got to ride a motorcycle for the first time. Pastor had a little 25cc minibike that they got to tool around on in the yard. They both had a blast! A very fun day.

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