Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life

My lovely wife turned 35 today. She's now a year older than me. Of course, next Friday we'll be the same age again. ;)

Reflecting on the last 12 years of marriage, I'm glad to see how the Lord has drawn us closer together and made our marriage stronger all along. We've experienced many ups and downs, but our relationship always comes out better for it.

Donna is a wonder. She manages our home, teaches our children, keeps us all well fed on healthy foods, sews many of her own clothes, & keeps us all on schedule. She laughs often, loves deeply & lives a life that's pleasing to God. She inspires others to greatness, plans great things for herself & supports those who need lifting up. I number myself among the many people she has touched who are better off for the contact.

Happy birthday, Donna. I love you.

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